A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Octave is an open-world musical adventure game where the music you play interacts with the environment around you. As you start to play you find parts of your octave that help you play more complex music patterns; these in turn let you help instruments in despair who will help you discover different areas.

Once you find out what's happened to the world you're obligated to either save or destroy it.

#1GAM January Theme - "Hobby"
Powered by Unity3D and Sonic Bloom's "Koreographer".
Created by Jacob Peltola and Adam Roy
Published by Box Mountain Games

Install instructions

STEP1: Extract the Zip.

Step2: Run the executable.


OctavePC.zip (55 MB)
OctaveMAC.zip (23 MB)
OctaveLINUX.zip (23 MB)